You have invested thousands of dollars on firearms, accessories, and training... Don't lose it all because of a simple misunderstanding!

Don't get Caught Unprepared
Our Carry Smart DVD Takes the Guesswork out of knowing and reacting to all of Ohio's conflicting gun laws

Whether you're a new shooter or are experienced with firearms, if you use the secrets and knowledge in this DVD, you will be way ahead of most Ohio police officers regarding Ohio gun law.

Don't Get Caught Unprepared

Our 1.5 hour DVD Contains...

  • How do I get an Ohio Concealed Handgun License?
  • What is open carry? Am I allowed to do it?
  • How does the new Ohio Restaurant Carry law affect me?
  • What does the law now say about carrying in my car?
  • Can I even own a gun? What are the Federal and State disqualifiers?
  • As a Licensee, where can I carry? Where am I forbidden to carry?
  • When can I use lethal force for self-defense and what should I be aware of?
  • What is Castle Doctrine? How does it protect me?
  • What should I do after a shooting? What should I never do?
  • What type of ammunition should I use? What type would not be wise to use.

The anti-gun system can't wait for you to mess up so they can squelch your right to owning and using a firearm. Show them you are educated by getting "Carry Smart - The Educated Ohio Concealed Handgun Licensee".

"My Ohio concealed carry class was mediocre at best. We learned about handgun safety and how to protect ourselves with a handgun, but not how to protect ourselves from left-leaning prosecutors who decide to make an example out of us. In that regard, we were let completely in the dark. the "Carry Smart" dvd is what was missing from our time in the classroom and it should be owned by every Ohio concealed handgun licensee as well as those who are thinking about acquiring an Ohio concealed handgun license. " — William Jones, Customer

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Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: History of Ohio Concealed Carry?

  • Chapter 2: Firearms Definitions
  • - CCW vs. CHL
  • - Deadly Weapon
  • - Handgun
  • - Firearm
  • - Unloaded Firearm
  • - Dangerous Ordnance

  • Chapter 3: Can I legally own a gun?
  • - Federal Disabilities
  • - State Disabilities

  • Chapter 4: How to Obtain an Ohio Concealed Handgun License
  • - Proof of Competency
    • - Educational Requirements
    • - Criminal History (Drugs, Assault, Violence, etc)
    • - Residency Requirement
    • - Other Competency Disqualifiers
  • - Application Process

  • Chapter 5: Duties and Responsibilities
  • - Carry Zones (Federal and State)
  • - Car Carry
  • - Restaurant Carry
  • - School Safety Zones
  • - Police Encounters
  • - Gun Buster Signs
  • - Reciprocity
  • - Open Carry

  • Chapter 6: Deadly Force
  • - Path of Least Resistance
  • - Civil Liability
  • - Criminal Liability
  • - Affirmative Defense
  • - Duty to Retreat
  • - Defense of Others
  • - Castle Doctrine
  • - What to do After a Shooting

Act Now!

If you are looking to get your Ohio concealed handgun license, this is your first step. If you already have a concealed handgun, the first thing you need to do is protect yourself and your investment with this DVD.

Ohio Concealed Carry Law

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If for any reason you are unsatisfied with "Carry Smart - The Educated Ohio Concealed Handgun Licensee", we'll refund your money, no questions asked! We stand behind our product and strive to create only the best resources and tools for our fellow firearms enthusiasts.

Ohio Concealed Carry Law

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